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Free ATM Placement

Just ATMs USA’s ATM Machine placement program is hassle free. This program is designed to be a turn-key solution for qualifying businesses who wish to maximize their profits, add the convenience of accessible cash to their customers but limit their involvement with the ATM’s physical operations. Under the placement program, Just ATMs USA will provide your business with the ATM, cash for the ATM, and supply the communication line. Just ATMs USA can also provide continuous maintenance, repairs, and supply the ATM with cash. We will share monthly revenue earnings with your business, by a paying your business a percentage of the ATMs revenue monthly. Businesses can earn anywhere from 35%-80% of the ATM earnings depending on their involvement with the ATM’s physical operations. Speak with one of our sales rep today to find out more information on our placement programs!


Just ATMs USA’s processing platforms works with one of the most advanced networks available in the ATM industry. Our direct relationship with national and local networks allow for an increase in completed transactions. Customer transactions are completed in a matter of seconds. Customers are able to perform cash withdrawals, balance transfers, and balance inquiries to both checking and saving accounts, with the use of debit and credit cards. With Just ATMs USA’s ATM processing program, your business will earn 100% of your ATMs revenue earnings. There are no processing fees involved in our processing program. If your business has purchased equipment from a company other than Just ATMs USA we can negotiate processing contracts that can save your business money and increase revenue. Call our office today!

Reporting & Monitoring

Just ATMs USA allows your business the option to view your ATM terminal activity via the web. This allows authorized users the ability to view daily terminal activity and download monthly reports over a secure server. This feature allows ATM owners and operators the added benefit of monitoring your ATM cash flow as well as recognize trends in your ATM business. This option is ideal for customers who own or operate multiple ATM machines.

Cash Vaulting

Just ATMs USA provides businesses with the option to utilize their own funds to load cash into machines or we can provide cash loading services through armored car service. If you choose to use your own funds Just ATMs USA’s technicians will train you on loading cash and monitoring your cash flow. By loading your own cash funds this will eliminate large nightly bank deposits. This allows your business to recycle available funds and improve security while keeping funds within the business.

If you choose for Just ATMs USA to provide cash vaulting services this allows your business more freedom to utilize cash for other business needs. This service is primarily used by high volume locations and is a fee-based program. Just ATMs USA will work with you in discussing all cash vaulting options to optimize your business needs.

Sales and Leasing

At Just ATMs USA we provide new equipment at competitive rates. Our staff is knowledgeable on assessing the needs of your business and recommending a machine that will ensure a profitable ATM machine at your location. We collaborate and listen to your business needs to allow you the freedom to choose your equipment and choice of a comprehensive warranty. Just ATMs USA arranges shipping, delivery, installation, and programming of your machine. We also send out a technician to train you on the basics of the equipment you purchase.

Just ATMs USA offers leasing options that offer affordable machines. The relationship we share at Just ATMs USA with financing sources can help your business to obtain financing and quick approval. The paperwork and documentation requirements for leasing a machine are minimal making the process of leasing a machine easy and pain free.


Just ATMs USA’s technical support team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technical team can immediately assess and diagnosis problems with your machine over the phone, and can guide you to fix the programming problem. If a technician is needed to repair an ATM machine a factory trained service technician will be dispatched within 24 hours, coast to coast.